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FM Forest_of_Magic

Bojan Jovanovic

Kragujevac, Srbija
29. ruj 2017.
Posljednja prijava
prije 8 h

Hi,I am FM Bojan Jovanovic P!

I am 24 years old.

My FIDE ELO  currently is 2270.

I am fully dedicated chess coach.

I was Champion of my country in category B10, B12 & B18.

I have 6 years experience in coaching.I had couple of successful students in the past one of them was 5th in world in category B10.

My Speciality is building an Opening Repertoire for my students based on their Personality.

Of course I am offering Lessons in all segments of the game

-Thinking Process (This is available only to my students with long-term cooperation)

-Strategy (Centre and Centralisation,Open and Semi-Open Files,Outposts...)

-Tactics (Elements,Motifs,Combinations)

-Endgames (Practical & Theoretical)

-Attack (Preparation & Execution of the Attack)

-Defence (Elimination,Counter-Attack,Positional Sacrifices...)

-Positional Chess (Improving position of your pieces,Weakening of Opponents Position...)

-Typical Structures (Plans and Maneouvres)

-Psyhology of Chess (How to approach to tournament,specific games or Opponents...)

-And much more...

Also I am offering Analysis of Your Games with indication of weak spots in your games and your strong sides as well and how to eliminate the first one and improve the other. I will also recommend possible literature.

It must be at least 10 games of yours with your comments (without the engine) in English.Price for analyses of your games is 5$/game.

In my offer is Preparation for Tournaments Games (before and/or during the tournament).Price for preparation before the tournament is regular 10$/hour and for preparation during the tournament 30$/tournament.(This is available only to my students who worked with me at least 4 months.)

I am interested in establishing long term cooperation for the benefit of both me and my students.Real big progress should be expected after 4-6 months of (hard) work.I will also provide home works for my students,so you can practice acquired knowledge and build skills.

My motto is Knowledge + Practice = Skills = Success!

If you are Interested in taking Chess Lessons contact me via email gmbojan@yahoo.com .

Price is 10 Euros per hour for students who join my school before New Year!!!thumbup.png

Don't forget first trial lesson is free of charge so do not hesitate to contact me on gmbojan@yahoo.com

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