7. svi 2012.
Zadnji put na mreži
prije 3 h

I do not accept group invites, as I am busy enough as it is and do not have time for much more. Feel free to send me a challenge, though - I'll accept if I don't have too many games going.   I am currently a super-administrator of Team USA, which is the official World League Representative for the United States of America.

About me: I enjoy chess and have been playing since 2002. I really enjoy the mental challenge of playing, but I’m afraid I’m a bit impulsive when making moves. So if you play me, I will either play really well or really poorly. :-)  

Good luck, and I'll see you on the chess board,   -- MJH  

*Note: I have all notes turned off in most of my groups, so if you wish to contact me please either send me a message or drop a note on my profile. Thanks!