Anita's Biker Angels

You can feel it before you hear it. The call of a place your heart knows you want to belong to. Where women gather and get to know one another and forward is the only way to go. A place where the mind awakens as the spirit breaks free, to be all you dream to be. This is Anita’s Biker Angels, a unique group out to improve women’s chess while providing an unforgettable experience of community life. Forum contents that educate and entertain. In loving memory of our late founder Anita Hirst and her burning vision of creating the best women's only group in As such, time outs without good reason will not be tolerated. And NO insider poaching of members. WOMEN ONLY. BY INVITATION ONLY.

In order to maintain the integrity of ABAs and to help ensure the continued success that the club has enjoyed we have 5 requirements for becoming a member:

1. You have to have been a member of for at least 3 months.

2. You must have completed at least 10 daily matches.

3. You must be willing to help drive us forward by joining the odd match here and there.

4. You must always play honestly.

5. Very important....enjoy your time with us here!!

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