Hola, soy MF y estaré una semana en Punta Cana. Llego el día 6 de marzo de 2021. Estaré encantado de echar unas partidas rápidas con vosotros.
Mar 21, 2019
Hi, I am visiting from Canada. Where EXACTLY is your club and may I come tomorrow? Tell me when it is open
Oct 28, 2018
Hello, My name is Memphis visiting from the USA, I would like to come visit your club and lurchase a triple weighed xhess set. My number is 809 479 8847
Mar 12, 2014
I also put togheter another team match, our second. to represent our club. only the first 4 members to join can participate.
Mar 12, 2014
Guys, I just organized a tournament for only 16 players. cal everybody vs everybody. I sent you invites. please join.