BK Academy of Chess

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2010. jan. 4.
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Welcome to FIVE for FIGHTING

Team History

  • 2010: Founded by @Black__Knight
  • 2011: 1st page of the Leaderboard;
  • 2012: Top 10;
  • 2013: 1st Place after passing the THE POWER OF CHESS;
  • 2014: Name changed to BK Academy of Chess and then the team went dorment;
  • 2020: @Rossi0000 took over and name changed to the Royal Academy of Chess.
  • 2021: @Rossi0000 refused to give the team back so @Black__Knight started 5 for Fighting.
  • 2022: @GeorgePapac infiltrated, became a SA and after @Rossi0000' was account closed due to a violation,  @GeorgePapac returned the team to @Black__Knight and the named was changed back to BK Academy of Chess.
  • 10/17/22 Black__Knight changed the name back to it's original name, FIVE for FIGHTING (aka Team 54).
  • 10/26/23 Black__Knight decided to change the name back to BK Academy of Chess

The goal is to reclaim the throne.

So let's FIght, have Fun and DOMINATE!!