Rook And Bishop vs Queen

Resistance is not futile! Show your mettle and hold the draw against the engine. If White misplaces the rook, or gives the wrong checks, you may find yourself suffering skewers or forks from the enemy queen...

Rook And Knight vs Queen

Well begun is half done. The first few moves of this position are critical. White must coordinate the pieces in order to defend properly.

Defending The Unsound Sacrifice

Nothing is free. Black has gifted you with a piece, but you must find accurate moves as White to beat back the threats and win.

Defending The Unsound... Again!

White is determined to attack you at any cost. You must show White why the absence of the dark-squared bishop is so key to this position.

Showing Accurate Technique

You aren't going to let White get away with this flagrant disregard for your defensive skills, are you?! After finding the first two critical defensive moves, you'll need to show how Black is going to win with the extra material against a still potentially dangerous assault from White.

Defend And Then Attack?

Defense is difficult, but not impossible, and practice helps! First, some very critical decisions must be made by White. If you choose wisely, you may find White's own attacking chances are quite good against Black's uncastled king.

Extra Piece: Defending In The King's Gambit

*scoff* The King's Gambit?! Scoff if you like, but you have a tough defensive challenge ahead. Defend carefully for awhile as you seek to cautiously deploy your pieces. Eventually, you should be able to unwind and put your extra piece to good use.

Holding Down The Extra Piece

How can Black properly keep White's extra material advantage "in check" in this endgame?

Prevent The Windmill

Finding the only defense is never easy, but it is rewarding. With accurate calculation, White should be able to defend against Black's coming windmill.

Exposing Awkwardly Placed Pieces

Passed pawns must be pushed, but not yet. White must find the accurate approach to expose Black's temporarily awkwardly placed pieces. Correct play will allow you to hold and prevent both the loss of the c-pawn and the game.

Fischer vs Geller: Counterattack

If you can defend against Fischer, you can defend against anyone! Bobby Fischer, playing White against Efim Geller, is on the attack and threatens the deadly Qh6. Find a way to make this irrelevant and keep your extra piece. You will need to combine attack and defense.

Test Your Aggression

Just how much should White try to use the potential discovered, double check to White's advantage?

Philidor Defense: Dealing With A Cramp

A crowded home is a happy home! The problem with having less space is often that you cannot accommodate all of your pieces. If you can find the right squares for them, you are actually ok. I sure hope it's not too late to fianchetto!