Tom Wynne
Midland, United States
2011. nov. 28.
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Támogató tag 2014. febr. 18. óta

Love the game though sometimes it is darn frustrating...

I play most all games to the end, and often take the full time to think about moves before committing.  First, I have gotten stalemates out of the most illogical situations where I am down massively. In addition,  I find that my best end game learning occurs in games that I am losing both in trying to find my way out of the dilemma and in seeing the other guys mating net.  Hence, if you are one of those players who has a sense of ENTITLEMENT in regards to getting ahead in a game and thinking that means the other guy should resign or play faster; PLEASE, go play someone else.  It is my perception that the "days per move option" is the mechanism one can choose to protect oneself in regards to slow play - i.e.  3 days per move "IS" 3 days per move in all my turn-based games.

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