GM Gserper

Gregory Serper
Seattle, WA, United States
2009. febr. 4.
Utolsó bejelentkezés
21 órája
283 334
1 872
1 343
Támogató tag 2009. febr. 4. óta

When in 1985 Greg Serper was invited to the famous Kasparov-Botvinnik school, he was really inspired by Kasparov's story. Garry insisted that he was destined to become the 13th World Champion since he was born on April 13. Since Greg was born on September 14 he saw it as a very good omen. Alas, this great sign was enough only to tie for first in the World Junior Championship (1988) and win the European Junior Championship (1989), World Open (1999) and a bunch of national and international tournaments. These days Greg teaches chess full time, writes a weekly column for, and is proud to have dozens of National and State Champions among his students.