My name is Meredith.

Only friends can call me Mary or Hermano.

Muted until next year sad.png 

A 12 year old girl.

I'm a Christian.

I live in Canada, British Colombia, Delta.

My old username is "Evenjitterycurl." 

And if you wanna be friends with me, send me a friend request now!!! And if you wanna chat with me, I'm open.

If you any friends/strangers send me club invites, I will block you forever.

If you force me to face reveal, I will also block you forever so don't even try.

 Don't forget to follow me please and visit my profile more often. 

And if anybody gives me a membership, I will give you 10 trophies!!! And plz join my club: 


Also please help me invite some members. 🙏

https://quizabout.me/quiz/080e3a plz take the quiz!

https://psycatgames.com/app/friendship-quiz/?id=s0vm-sf9x-d896 Also this one.

https://www.matequiz.com/start.html?quiz=61076ca02163cb3496bd2182 last quiz! you're doing great! wink.png

And also if u help me invite some members in my club, I will promote u. happy.png

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 You might be wondering, why haven't I faced reveal yet? That's because for 2 reasons.

1. It's private for other people to see me.

2. My rating is not high enough and my dream is to be a chess streamer and a gamer someday.

I will face reveal once my rating is powerful enough. 

Well that's all about me now. Bye...

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