Arty is my nickname here fyi! my none nightcore music playlist.

Peace the f*** out~ @elm2007 when saying goodbye after a heated nsfw argument. lol

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1. Do you watch anime or the hardcore version? I DON'T WATCH ANY ANIME 

2. Where do you get your pfps and bgs? From nightcore videos, the thumbnails.

3. Are you a weeb? I DON'T HAVE A WAIFU NOR A PILLOW.

4. Are you gurl or boi? DATS PERSONAL!

5. Why are you good at bullet? Coz just play faster and better, Ez clap.

6. Why are you noob? COZ I AM, BITE ME.

I accept all friend requests! happy.png

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Current world number 20 in bullet, number 1 in rapid, under 200 in blitz!


Some ( definitely not all ) of my previous backgrounds, feel free to use them! happy.png

Genji cooOOOooOO0000OOOO0oOOoo0oOoo0oOoo0OOooo0o0OOo0O0ooOl.

Bye, have a nice day.