Heyy guys it's me @Jaylene2008 y'all can call me Jay or Blue-Jay ~Best Friends~ @BabyFaceNiyah💙 I love you Make sure you friend her and give her some love @MooseKnuckles1 Close to passing Niyah as being my best friend but not there yet @Izaiahthegod Friend him 💜 @PeakPolarBear Boy best FRIEND 💚 @AZHHZA Super Boy Best FRIEND 💛 @2valid_slimee New Friend ❣️ ~About me~ -I am a girl -My name is Jaylene -My favorite color is blue -My zodiac sign is a Leo ♌ -My favorite food is PIZZA -My best friend forever is @BabyFaceNiyah -I am 20% funny 5% smart 45% dumb 30% crazy (Add all that, that's 100% of what I am) I know my boi short but that's all I can do Im no that type of person who does everything right just I hope you enjoyed and I love all y'all who give me a view!!!!!!!