Hello everyone! My name is Ladia Jirasek and I am an FM from California.

I've been teaching chess for 4 years.
My students range from 1st graders to adults.

I love teaching chess and seeing my students improve. I am self-taught so I will be sure to illustrate my mistakes and show how to learn from them along with studying strategies that have worked well for me. I started with a rating of 900 and am now 2370.

My teaching plans have proven successful, as my students have won Cal State championships, Girls Cal State Championship and numerous local and state tournament wins

Every student I taught has shown great improvement, but if you are serious, you could follow in the steps of my three most successful students:

Student 1 - rated 1100 improved to 1500 in less than a year
Student 2 - rated 1500 improved to 1800+ in 10 months
Student 3 - rated 1700 improved to 2000+ in one year

I will always start with an $25 introductory lesson focused on getting to know the student but mostly to see if you would like to continue with more lessons.

I give $50 1-hour lessons over skype using ChessBase and/or other chess programs.
To start, I require tournament games from the past month so I can get a sense of your strengths, weaknesses, and other aspects of your game.

Each lesson is constructed around the student, focusing on areas of weakness to help overall improvement.

I can help with:

•Opening preparation -- building a repertoire for white and black that suits your style.
•Decision making in complicated or calm positions
•Calculation and finding candidate moves
•Endgame technique
•Game analysis and learning from common mistakes

I also offer to play a classical game on ranging from 15|10 to 30 minutes with comprehensive 1-on-1 analysis of the opening, middlegame, and endgame. After analysis, each game will be sent back to the student to add their own analysis and have the game as a reference for the future. If it helps, we can discuss which opening to play in order for the student to get more practice in that opening.

No matter your strength, I will be sure to touch upon all these common mistakes (below) that have plagued me and many other chess players throughout their careers.

Common Mistakes:

•You are playing too fast (or too slow). IMPORTANT!
•You are not recognizing critical positions and devoting the proper resources to them.
•Your thought process is inefficient.
•You are not finding all possible candidate moves.
•You don't understand how to play a type of position. IMPORTANT!
•You are making visualization errors in analysis.
•You don't understand WHY you made that tactical mistake.
•You are spending too much time trying to find tactics that win material and not nearly enough time trying to prevent your opponent's tactics.

If you are interested, you can contact me at