Yoooo whats up everybody, as you know My name is Isaiah Parker. how ya'll been doing today.

thanks for clicking my Bio.

  Here are a few---well a lot about me.

   Hobbies: i like doing sports, Listen to Music, Hangout with some Friends, play a few Games, watch my Fav NBA Team, and NFL Team XD. ummmm....what else well i like chess I'm mean (Duh) i been playin since i was four like i'm for real, but anyways i like to have a good conversation with some strangers about chess---well they ask me and i reply back. And yeah i know what your thinkin i don't know them, and they don't know me, But hey everyone is different and know one can judge, i mean know one is perfect. but i know i get everyone has their different opinions about it, but who cares. 

Gender: Male 

i'm single, and i'm straight and i'm independent, i work hard, and i'm....well a big nerd to tell you the i'm serious about. Like know joke i'm the the type of person that cares about others when something is wrong, Like for instance my friends, here on chess and down here as we speak AKA Seattle Washington, i'm smart i'm Goofy, and i'm well Nice umm... feel free to talk to me, comment down below if you have any questions about me or something else Bluh Bluh Bluh, you know just random questions----oh yeah and please the spamming YEAH really funny but also it is a really Corney, meaning Dumb i mean No offence but hey i can take it.

and ummm. sorry you guys i say ummm... and uhhh a lot LOL. But another thing about me.

like what songs do i like, well i like Hip hop, Rap Music, I mean come on rap Music is the best if you guys think it is cool, or you listen to it and don't like what they are talking about then you know nothin about rap Music then, not being rood but i speak the truth, you know nothin. o wells some people are different then others, i apologizes.

my fav artist (Rappers) Toupoc, Easy E, Ice cube, Biggie Mm'mn, sorry i do think i spelt that right, okay what else oh Snoop dog though i'm not positive if it is considers rap. Juice world, XxTenActionxX, Li'l Wayne, Oh my god i love his music i think i like Single by Li'l Wayne LOL

um...Li'l Mosey, and Li'l Zan i think i only like, like 10 of his songs, like Betrayed by Li'l Zan,

Pow-Fu i like to only listen to dead eyes and death bed.

what is my fav song by Juice world, is Robbery, and for XxTenActionxX, Moonlight.

So yeah that's about it so far. 

about chess i'm really good at, it's just the FACT i lost to a 9 and a 10 year old girls----ok so the dumb thing about is that she....she got all the my good pieces and i got hers and well we were having a hard battle---like that was the best battle i ever had in about like 68 other games and i gotta give her some credit i was so shamed about myself i had to quiet for a few days like---she was a fast thinker. Though i cannot say her name and me and her had something in common...and yeah so that was a big fat RIP XD. And the funny thing is she said 'GET SOME' i was so astonished i gave her a trophy and a gift that was amazing moves. And sorry i was talking about chess, i had to blurt that. 

next my fav game i like. WELL Call of Duty Mobile it is a good game i like playing battle Royal i myself is good at it i get 20 kills per game i rarely die, decent games/matches i get 12 to 9 kills, bad games which is Sometimes, i get 3 to 2 kills BAD. my cuz she is 7 and OH MY GOD SHE IS GOOD. Every time she goes for draws she get's the Mythic guns and she get all the goodies. OK here is the messed up part though i play in a match right, well i was playing squads and i was getting like kills left and right and my teammates were dying and i had to revive their dog tags and yeah they said i was "HOGGING" their kills, like excuse me sir i'm not and so yeah tell you guys what happened later BIG STORY AND MESSED Up. Put it in the comment down below if you want to hear the rest.

Next, during my free time i like to make art, i'm a artist i like to draw everything my friends tell me and they said i was a good artist. That made my day, that day XD because my family said the same thing, like my art is life it means a lot to me.

um...beware Fear me i have 9 siblings and i'm the oldest, big house hold, if you know what i mean? and i know how to cook i'm a chef. The thing i need help with most is how to cook a turkey, and my family helps me with that so getting better. LOL 

I'm part Mexican and part Native.

i know how to speak some Spanish LOL.

and yeah i think that is it so far if i'm not online i'm mostly doing work but. i will reply back as soon as i can, i will update this if i make another about me, so anyways see ya'll

have a good day, be safe/i hate Covid. and be positive and be you and love yourself

BARE WITH ME. I know it is hard

Isaiah Parker.


 😎✌️ 🤗✌️

here is my club link, i would be happy if u join.