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Hey there viewer, I am Ojas !

I am a good chess player ( yep, a lie -_-)

I am one of the worst chess players on chess.com

Now I have been saying too extra and there is a 90% chance you may have checked my ratings 

So to defend that, I am bad in blitz as I hate 5 min Blitz and I have shifted to Rapid 

I am one of the worst in ratings in chess.com, but one of the best Logo Makers around.

You may haven't noticed but the colour combination I have used is inspired from rainbows

If you don't know how to read what is written up there, then just highlight wink.png

Now I have told quite a bit about myself and about Logo Making too

So, do you want a logo from me ?

If you do then you are gonna have to join my Logo Making Club with over 120+ members!

Hello! This is Virtual Mars colony, get the best experience of how Mars colonies are gonna be.

Why join our club?

  • Experience your life as a Martian
  • Gain a lot of knowledge about Mars (even if you don't have any prior knowledge)
  • We have different corners, so we won't neglect entertainment. 
  • Join our science, political labs, to increase your creativity...
  • Our different corners have different themes 
  • One of our best corners is Logo Corner, you get exciting logos of your choice 

Join our colony, to get the best virtual experience of Mars.

My Best Friends are - @The_Astrophile , @52yrral , @HappyGirl12345 , @KingNandi ,@DukeHemanth etc.