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Lamborghini Aventador SV
Never Changing My Profile Pic, International
2017. máj. 2.
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Hey guys! My name is Nathaniel Clark from Saipan, MP/Northern Marianas Island. I started chess when I was 3. My dad went out and bought a tiny chessboard and I've been playing chess ever since then. In chess.com, I used to play Rapid games, but now I've settled on bullet. I must confess that I had made a lot of accounts before. The oldest one counts back two years. It is named @NJC0312. I closed it and kept making many many more, but chess.com has closed every single one. I stopped making accounts July 2017. I now settled on this account and decided that I would never change it. And for my duplicated accounts, I DID use fake e-Mails. Chess.com spots them real quickly. And by the way, I'm very sorry, but i won't tell anyone my age. But I'll give one clue: it is in a range 1 - 30. And now, I decided I will focus more on chatting than bullet games. I'm really lacking points. And my rate is actually terrible. It is about 8600 posts/year. I decided to fix that by chatting, posting and (a bit of spamming and I'm not proud of it.) Anyway, thanks for viewing my profile and hope you have a great day!


I am getting close to 10,000 POINTS

P.S.- my dad here is logged in as @QuasarCNMI




These are my best friends in Chess.com (not in order)














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