TWITCH https://www.twitch.tv/puzzle_blogueur25  (I'm in live !)

DISCORD https://discord.com/channels/953682046360907807/953682046360907810 

FIDE ID https://ratings.fide.com/profile/45195706

tournaments.pngBEST TOURNAMENT http://www.echecs.asso.fr/Resultats.aspx?URL=Tournois/Id/55088/55088&Action=Ga (5th)

tactics.png BEST PUZZLE BATTLEhttps://www.chess.com/puzzles/battle/2XytxSBMG 

Thanks for visiting my profile wink.png , *Read the description about me* *-_-* 

My medals , lovely...

Give me a night on sixth rank , i will win all of my games "Steinitz"

Risquer sa vie c'est toujours un risque


HI , my name is Maxime. I live in France , i m french and russian , i speak french , russian and english happy.png 

When i was 3 years old my grand-father told me something about chess but i don't remember what.... So i started learning chess at 3 years old happy.png . I'm also playing basketball

2) Activity in chess.com

So in chess.com i play ; bullet , blitz and rapid but my favorite is bullet and blitz . I m a very fast player . My real level is 1500-1600 maybe . I'm reading lot of books about : openings ( sicilian ) middle game and end game.

I create a big club TEAM LES DAMES DE CHESS


  • We organise lot of tournaments ( CL ) 
  • We play matches with good teams 



Have fun , thank you i'll be grateful if you join !

So i organize a Daily Chess League !! 

Of clubs 

More details in the club 

3) My best games 

One of my best games was during the Daily Chess Championchip 2021 ( one day no vacation ) 

I played vs RGR367 ( 1800 daily ) 

Look at the GIF