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Iam Club you Tuber in around 70 clubs .

I post various chess stuff like Traps , puzzles , immortal games , My own games , Cool Checkmates .......

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I post a varity of chess stuffs like Traps , tactics , puzzles , immortal games and many more .

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Trap in Sicilian defense 🔥: 

Three Brilliant move needed to solve this puzzle !🔥🔥🔥:

Queen trap in french defence 🔥:

Deadliest bishop pair and rarest queen sacrifice 🔥:

Deadly trap in Budapest gambit 🔥:

Legal trap 🔥:

Alkehine's defense Trap 🔥 :

Gambit meets gambit (Flintlock trap unseen 🔥) : 

10 mind blowing Endgame tactics 🔥:

Elephant trap in Queen's gambit 🔥:

Rubenstein trap ( trapping queen in Queen's gambit declined 🔥):

Bobby's trap ( brilliant bishop sacrifice 🔥):

My first brilliant move on :

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