Hello Everyone!

Among many BIG DREAMS, one of my dearest dreams is to become an FGM. I want to show the world that women are mathematically logical, intellectual, and limitless in regards to chess. We too, can be intellectual warriors. My dad taught me the basic moves when I was 10. I ran with it and never looked back. I'm 32 now.

I have finally been brave enough to do a couple USCF tournaments, but I am always practicing every single day here on, and preparing to do more local tournaments, just in case I encounter an opportunity. Recently my rating increased after years of a plateau and I am very happy about it, but I will never get too comfortable. I want to outsmart myself.

Please challenge me if your rating is higher than mine, I love a good challenge, and it will help me improve my game. If your rating is too low, you will most likely bore me.

If only women would get equal pay in prize money for FIDE championships... Maybe that would be an incentive for me to actually play chess for a living. Because I believe I am a good enough player to do so. The lesser pay is an insult to all female chess players around the world. I want to implement change in this matter. Until female chess players are asserted as intellectually equal to men, I will continue to make my voice heard.

Anyway, I LOVE chess, and I'm always down to learn more and more about the intricacies of the game. #womenwhoplaychess #realwomenplaychess

Thanks for visiting and drop me a message if you wanna be friends. And remember, chess is good for you.


Victoria Arzu