why hello there

i redid my profile cuz my previous one was like 4 pages lol

it was pretty long but wanna know whats longer?

anyways, you should be able to tell that im a dude

if you couldnt, then thats pretty sad

and, believe it or not, i am also ukrainian

i wasnt born there, but my parents were

e ya znayu russkiy

ah, yes, i should talk about chess

this is a chess site, after all

or is it?

anyways, my dad tought me how to play when i was 5 or 6

i wasnt interested back then, and i only started in 2019 

also, i play 2 unusual openings:

scotch game for white, and scandi for black

here is my chess personality:

i agree with it

except for the calm part

i am not calm xD

dont ask why, but i had 700 games at one point lmao

i love sailing. it is my life. i wouldnt be able to live without it

i also love cross country skiing. my goal is to go to the 2026 winter olympics, and maybe even the 2024 junior winter olympics

i also played soccer for 7 years. but now i just watch the champions league and the premier league (liverpool fan btw)

I used to have over 1000 friends

idk why

but now, i am only friends with people who i actually talk to

so pls dont send me a request unless we've like met in a club or smth

here are some of my best friends on here:

@vinumonz555  -  vinny boiiii was like my first friend on here

@meanfreepath2 / @admiralh1pper  -  you only win whenever i blunder. and thanks for the membership wink.png

@y4eger  -  im sorry for corrupting you, little child

@itsrainbow  -  thanks for all the pics of, uh, interesting stuff

@b1zmark  -  i have ur face reveal. 1 wrong move and ur dead buddy

@leon_likes_chess  -  STRANGER THINGSSSS

@jackroach  -  can you like not use proper grammar

@pleasefixmeup  -  my best friend irl

yo, my name is Jake,

am i the best at google snake?

I can bake a cake,

in a lake, with a rake,

so dont call me a fake,

for your own sake,

or i will hit you with a steak!

make no mistake,

it will give a painful ache,

and you may turn a bit opaque,

and even start to shake!

so listen here you rattlesnake,

I will lead a jailbreak,

in which you will not partake,

because you are a tiny cornflake!

so i offer you a handshake,

for the last time you will be awake,

since you will die at daybreak,

because im the best at google snake.