If you want to do a 10sec/30sec adoption match or a blitz game, send me a challenge! I'm always happy to play!

I've adopted: (won 10 games in a row against) 

@AlphaZero_Weak_Level (10 sec), @diegoxxl (10 sec), @ukrainiandude (10 sec), @mooseonalese (10 sec), @TymonChen (10 sec), @barbashka (10 sec), @Phantom_Beast23 (10 sec), @Curtis2212 (10 sec), @Varin_N (10 sec), @orpepushkar (10 sec), @BumpAndRun (30 sec), @RonacChess (10 sec), @Rocco323 (10 sec), @holadayblues (10 sec), @MCH_JHOELchaves (10 sec), @Nisoom (10 sec)

Runaways: (people who I beat 9 times, then declined the last game that would have decided adoption)

@jazzkriss (10 sec), @alexandermatos (10 sec)

Titled players that I've beaten: (not including custom-position daily chess)

[CM] @chessuriel (x1) (1 min), [WIM] @DaleenW91 (x3) (30 sec), [CM] @kamilllw (x1) (1 sec)

Here is a graph of my ratings on the first day of each month in 2020.

My chess personality is Anaconda/Magician/Romantic. I love opposite-side casting attacking positions!

unofficial status: tilting on a daily basis, unless i'm not