If I reach 3000 in puzzles, I plan to make a blog showing how I got there and instead of offering coaching for people rated under 2000, I'll offer coaching up till 2500 in puzzles.


i am zenith

hopefully i'll reach 2000 soon and legend league 

also i really like ducks

and listening to music like this

oh yeah also i've been adopted by @chessjwarrior (1-10 i think) , @theswissphoenix (1-10 and yw for king checkmate) and @kowarenai (2.5-10 somehow). Also I'm playing geometry dash world and i'm trying to beat this level called caffeine mastah but the chromebook is laggy and the level is hard :l (update i beat it pog)

this is my favorite duck

oh yeah also i'll list some people here who are the people that I trust (i.e. good friends)

*** NOT IN ORDER ***

@Tallicycube - good person, trustworthy, helps me with clubs. He has a club with over 100 members how awesome

@Penguin4096 - He's a bit inactive now, but when he was, he was active in my club and super kind

@southroslyn - he's got his own club and you should probably join it because it had 100+ members and now it's <75 ;-; ( and yes he is the pigeon king nobody else >:T)

@ADAM_PEATY - I think had i not spammed his notes I wouldn't have been this active with this many followers. Yeah he's a cool person and i may or may not spam his notes every now and then.

@runs26 (a.k.a @0bliterat0r) - SOMEHOW HE FOUND MY PROFILE EVEN BEFORE I KNEW ABOUT THE SOCIAL SIDE OF THIS WEBSITE NO CAP IDK HOW. he's a chill person and he has a club too and you should join it too

@Trueberry3073 - I talk with her a lottt. she's super kind and I help her with puzzles. One of my best friends here. super super awesome person you should send her a friend request ._ .

@Webbygail - I don't know her that much but she's also a duck and that's bio worthy tbh 

@Zombie_Baby - super trustworthy and kind zombie you should be kind to zombies the reward is pretty sweet (also tell my why you sabotaged your amazing puzzle stats .__ .)

@aieraa - :l

@Theonlynate - We talk about stuff and play chess every now and then (he drew against me [underrated] ?) he's a cool person I enjoy talking with him

@xxxlilyxxx - she forgets her password .__ . but she's a kind and funny person you should friend her. she's also someone I trust. her club has over 200 members :0

@chessjwarrior - yes he adopted me in bullet but I CAN STILL BEAT HIM I BEAT HIM TODAY THE DAY I"M WRITING THis. apparently he has an anti london system course from a GM soo every time i play it i'm dead .__.

@Theswissphoenix - sweaty gd and chess player. next estonian gM? 

okay so a little more about me:

I am zenith (you already know that)

if you want you could message me if you need help in puzzles (>2000 would be preferred) I like helping people

I know Python (the coding language) and my dad said he wants me to learn C#, JavaScript, and React 

i'll write more later

 join my club please

see ya

the good old days when i was bad at chess but then i decided to be good at chess