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  • Exclusively Checkmates

    Átl. értéksz.: 1014
    "Exclusively Checkmates" provides a series of simple checkmate problems.
  • Essential Checkmate Patterns

    Átl. értéksz.: 1204
    Essential Checkmate Patterns, by FM Thomas Wolski. This module contains 130 challenges that cover all common checkmates and most uncommon checkmates that occur regularly in middlegame positions and sometimes in openings. Nearly all of the positions come from actual games, and the various themes are repeated from simple to more complex examples. This module is suitable for novice players up to intermediate players with Elo or USCF ratings up to 1600, and will enable them to recognize checkmate possibilities...
  • Chess Traps and Miniatures Part 2- Checkmates

    Átl. értéksz.: 1530
    This course contains positions that lead to checkmate. All the positions are from real games that ended quickly, less than 20 moves. Most of the games are from opening traps in which an opponent fell victim and quickly got checkmated. Look for the attacking patterns and tactics that lead to checkmate.
  • The Essence of the Initiative

    Átl. értéksz.: 1930
    In this course, I will present to you positions where you have to either correctly handle or maintain the initiative or defend against it. There will also be situations where you have to decide if a speculative sacrifice promises a powerful enough initiative to ensure full compensation. In general, there will not be immediate tactics, although always be on the lookout because part of playing with the initiative is always being aware that tactical chances are hidden and your opponent may miss them.
  • Premature Attacks on the King

    Átl. értéksz.: 1440
    Knowing when to sacrifice material in order to open up your opponent's King is one of the most important tactics to learn in chess. Proper execution of this maneuver must take in to account all of a defender's pieces (or lack thereof) to determine whether or not the sacrifice will work and is sound, and/or if you have a continuation to follow the try.
  • Same Side Pawn Storms

    Átl. értéksz.: 1680
    In this course we will look at pawn storms when both kings are castled on the same side. This will serve as a great attacking tool but as we will see, it is risky if you do it at the wrong time. The first part of the course is aimed at showing you the strength of pawn storms, either by having you start them or conclude attacks where the pawn storm has already taken place. The last part of the course is a test where you have to decide in each position whether a pawn storm is the right decision or...