CHT Junior Reporter Squad

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22 nov 2017
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This is a group for the Junior Reporters of CHT. In order to enter, you must first be a member of the Christian Homeschool Team.

If you are already a member of the aforementioned group, then come join us! You won't encounter anyone in here who's not already in CHT, so this is basically just an extension of CHT! It can also be a great environment to help new members get to know a lot of CHTers in a smaller, more manageable group.

In this group, CHTers can write fun stories, articles, or interviews! And each month, a collection of the entries is published in CHT itself, allowing CHTers who aren't in this group to see your compositions as well!

This group also allows CHTers the chance to become official Reporters for the CHT NewsGroup. If you prove your writing capabilities, the Reporters may recruit you!