Death has no borders ! Since the beginning of this year we are one army on this planet! Let's respect and defend the life of our comrades !


Hi, brave player ! We invite you to participate with all your talent in the competitions organized on the chess platform, com by the team with international participation LBF, the one that has an unquestionable performance for the last five years ! In this period we are trying to reach the team from the 12th place in the world ranking and how fast we reach the TOP10 ! It is not easy for a young team with only 580 players ! However, we want to maintain our favorable dynamics ! In 2020 we will participate in the TMCL competition, where we hope to have the expected good results ! If you accept, I wish you success, if you do not accept, I wish you success too ! Anyway, in this team work all the principles of common sense !

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