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Wallyjack's United Nations For Chess

Wallyjack's United Nations For Chess

Fondato: 28 set 2013
Membri: 752
Hi my friend, I've created a group that proves that no matter what your race, colour, religion or political views that we can ALL unite in friendship and peace to work together for one aim. I can tell that you are an intelligent, friendly and peaceful person and that this is THE group for you and I'd be honoured and proud if you'd join my fantastic family of peerless chess players. Yours in hope and friendship, Mike (wallyjack)


  • Online 5 ore fa

    michael (mike) armiger | Adelaide, Australia

    Iscritto dal: 14 ago 2017

  • Online 1 ora fa

    William Walter Wayne Wilkinsburg | 767 Suey Slew Swamp Street, Shreveport, Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 29 set 2013

  • Online 5 ore fa

    ltristam | In Honor Of Olympics, Giappone

    Iscritto dal: 16 ott 2013

  • Online 5 ore fa

    Deke Bugsy Williams | Washington DC, Stati Uniti

    Iscritto dal: 26 mar 2014

  • Online in questo momento

    Brett 'The Rock' Dakin | Eastern Cape, Sudafrica

    Iscritto dal: 27 mar 2014


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