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10 giu 2015
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Jan 21, 2023
Hey how's everyone doing? Dacha academy is coming into its own -- everyone in this group should join!!!
Feb 23, 2022
Ani Haver Shell Israel !!! all day all night long!!! Shalom!!!
Nov 10, 2021
Event announcement says Sunday the 29th, but I think Sunday is actually the 28th.
Oct 28, 2020
exciting dacha match upcoming vs top israeli players!!! you guys need to practice ;)
Aug 28, 2020
yes that will be cool
Dacha Team Match: USA vs. Israel!

Dacha Team Match: USA vs. Israel!

IM Yaacovn | 26 ott 2020
Attention Team Dacha members!  Players are needed for a 100-board international team match, USA vs. Israel, currently scheduled for Sunday, November 29, at 12 pm EST.   Team Dacha, led by your own IM Yaacov Norowitz, will take on Israel's Team Chess4All in an hour-long, all-out Team Battle.  For logistical reasons this match will be played on lichess.org; links to follow.  The format will be a 60-minute team blitz arena with a time control of 5+2 (parameters subject to change).   To join th...