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mate in 2 puzzle, but VERY HARD

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    now set the clock and find the shortest mate, which is 2.

    after doing it, tell me your rating and time taken to solve each puzzle, and your comment about it ( very hard, hard, medium, easy )









  • #2

    hey is it hard for u all??

    it is actually from one of the exercise in Artur Yusupov's Build Up Your Chess 1, which is in chapter 9 ( mate in 2 move ) , that is about CALCULATING VARIATIONS

    all the exercises are only rated 1 star, but i find it to be the hardest checkmate puzzle that i ever solved, some i took over 20+ minutes !!! is it really hard?? or my calculation really really weak?? 

  • #3

    and any suggestion on how to TRAIN our calculation to be like a 2 to 3 ply computer?? these puzzles only need 2 ply but the variations at the very first move already make me to give up

  • #4

    Woww.............your tactics rating...INCREDIBLE!!!

    @finnur : could you teach me some ways to increase tactical ability??? do you read books on explaining tactical themes ( pin, fork, skewer )???
    or u just SOLVE, SOLVE and SOLVE lots of tactics puzzles??? i feel that my tactical vision stucks when i get one level, which cannot improve anymore D:

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