Membro Diamond

Hello!!! Welcome to my bio!!! Enjoy!!!

Hello!!! I am @Etho25379!!! But my friends just call me well, Etho lol!!!

Here are a few things about me:

- I'm a Christian

- I'm a boy

- I'm a INFJ-T personality type. The rarest type on Earth. Only 1.5% of people have it.

- I am one of the owners of - Always Take The Shot -

- My favorite playing time for chess is 10 mins

- My favorite opening is the Four Knights Opening

- I'm somewhere between the age of 1-1,000. That straitens it down, doesn't it?

My Best Friends:

1. One of my real-life friends without acc.

2. @Data_Riku Thanks for being a great friend even though we don't really talk much anymore (:

3. @Alv25123 Thank you for being a great friend and co-leading the Sunwings with me (:

4. @Hydrahta Yea, you're a good friend. Idrk why but you're nice.

I wish I had more, but no one really cares about me, or gets me, so I guess I don't ):

Hello!!! I see you found the hidden easter egg. Hehehe!