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As I Christian, I believe that Christ died to save us from our sins. Christ died to bring us peace. And, through Christ, we shine, by doing good things, behaving well....It is interesting, most people value, for example, being a good person. But we cannot do it on our own. We end up failing. This is one way Christianity deviates from other religions; In other religions we are tasking with behaving well, being a good person, to appease God(s), without, as I understand them, ever really helping. In Christianity, however, God, through the holy spirit, is helping us to become a happier, better person, not leaving us to attempt (and fail) on our own. Christ also died so that we could live with him-have a spiritual connection with him-both in this life and the next.


I have played chess for a couple of years and joined about two years ago. On here, I play four-player-chess often.

My highest Solo ranking is number one and FFA number two. My highest Solo rating is 2370 and FFA 2768.

I have also been playing some three-check, both here and the other chess site.

I need to get better at two player (Regular Chess). My short term goal is to get to 1600 Chesscom ratings rapid, and my long term goal is to get a better rating than that.



God Loves You! 

Crater Lake, Oregon...Never been there; got it off Wikipedia, but its a nice picture... commons.wikimedia (.org) /wiki/File:Crater_Lake_winter_pano2.jpg(Wolfman SF)