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23 mag 2018
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Thanks for coming to my profile. I am a student, Chess fan and player . I love the Rapid format of the game and I am on the site for some time now and known some great people around. 

Captain of CSL team Blazzing Knight riders(Defunct)

Not so pro bullet league player for -CFV3 

I am an Indian 🇮🇳 

Super Admin/Admin of the following clubs

  1. Chess Club de India
  2. Team India
  3. Marvel Avengers ICT
  4. The Great Minds
  5. Team Falcon
  6. Vishwanath Anand Chess Corner
  7. Team Bengal

I like this site very much and made many of my friends join it. I have met many weirdos in this site as well. 

If your club needs help you can make me admin I will help you. The Great Minds is a great club and we have a lot of fun activity. 

Do Also check out my blogs at https://www.chess.com/blog/nhifghisderty