Membro Diamond

get 2000+ in puzzles (done)

Get 3000+ in puzzles

Pass 4000 in puzzles and beyond

Get 1000  in rapid  (done)

Get 1000 in blitz

Get 2000 in rapid

Get 2000 in blitz

Get 3000 in rapid 

get 3000 in blitz

get 1000 in bullet (done)

get 2000 in bullet

get 3000 in bullet

Beat a NM

Beat a CM

Beat a FM

Beat a IM

Beat a GM

Beat a WNM

Beat a WCM

Beat a WFM 

Beat a WIM

Beat a WGM

Get to legends leage

Get top 1000 on leradbord

Get top 500 on leaderboard

Get top 100 on ledaerboard

Get top 50 on lerderboard

Get top 10 on learbaod

Get top 5 on leaderboard

Get top 3 on leaderboard

Get 2 on leaderboard

Get 1 on leaderboard

Do all the gaols