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Hi! I'm a unicorn and I love chess. Don't you like the way the pieces move and everything? I also have a policy not to friend people I don't know, and I follow it! My puzzles rating is kind of low right now, so i'm trying to improve it! Please also do not spam on my profile picture. It is so annoying and even though you get points, it's a waste of time. Please follow me too! #68532 in puzzles! And oh, please see @Tweetartforever13 's profile! They are awesome. Yeah, this is sort of ironic, but ye look at this! You just went to live chess LOL. And alright, 2600+ IN PUZZLES! LETS GOOOOO!

#18611 in PUZZLES! Page 373!!!!!!!!! (That was previous and I decided it would stay, so it is not updated sad.png currently i am below 2400 sad.png) nOt UpDaTeD

I am so happy for my puzzles YAY! Credit to @Shouri23 for giving me some tips!

Goals before my account turns 3 years old: (This will be up to date)

1400 bullet (eh, bullet is too fast nvm)

1250 blitz √ Achieved on Friday August 20th

1300 blitz (New goal, set on Fri August 27th)

1350 rapid √ Achieved on Thursday August 12th

1450 rapid (New goal, set on Fri August 27th) √ Achieved on Friday October 22nd

1550 rapid (2nd goal, set Fri Oct 22nd)

1200 daily

2700+ puzzles √ Achieved on Friday August 13th

3k+ puzzles (New goal, set on Fri August 27th) √ Achieved on Sunday Sep 26

3150 puzzles (3rd goal set on Tue Sep 28) √ Achieved on Thursday Oct 21

3250 puzzles (4th goal set on Thu Oct 21)

1500 daily 960

1k+ views

To my friends on

If you help me achieve one of the goals (give me tips/rating), then I will give you a trophy!

I am number 5224 in daily 960 on page 105!

Also, thanks for the view!

I dropped down to 2309 but climbed back up to 2405 in 1 day!


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