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Hi my name is Christian or you may know me as YNW_Hyper with a love of Chess. I have played baseball since I was 6. My favorite team is the Atlanta Braves I also love Football and basketball I love my dads favorite basketball team the Las Angles Lakers and i love my grandparents favorite football team the Kansas City Chiefs. I also wanna say we lost alot of famous people who i loved this year and last including Juice WRLD, Kobe Bryant, and many more from covid and other sad things. I will accept all friend request and club invites from now on. I want to become titled as a nm in chess one day and become a Top Blogger on Chess.Com I will accept any daily games when i get the chance cause i do have school. Please comment on my notes Hi if you want and follow and send me a friend request and Club invites Here is one of my favorite quotes "Great things come from hard work and perservence no excuses "- Kobe Bryant I hope you enjoyed my profile and i will be looking forward to talking with you.