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  • Crazyhouse: Revitalizing the Romance in Chess

    While it’s true in today’s chess climate that high level tournaments exhibit more fighting chess than has been seen in recent decades (and thank goodness for that!), it’s impossible to ignore the larger trend in...

  • cheating or network

    During live chess blitz, Why does the network cut off when you winning? What does this signify?

  • PRINCIPIA SCACCHORUM, Part 3: The Origins of Wood Pushing in Chess

    Standing on the borderline between game, art, science and sport, chess is not only one of the greatest intellectual delights, but also a perfect paradigm for teaching and learning certain mental skills citizens...

  • How I Got the Domain Name

    • erik
    • 06 ott 2016, 12:50

    People sometimes ask me: How did you get the domain name? (And they WANT to ask: How much did it cost?) Here’s the story. Well, actually two stories, and how they converge. (Wait! Before...

  • My Chess Life

    I just wanted to share how my chess play evolved. Well, I started to play chess when I was at primary school (I think first or second grade). Two friends of mine were already going to the "chess circle" (that's...

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