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  • Miniatura di SCID + Stockfish

    SCID + Stockfish

    deepkimo 01 mar 2014, 21:44

    I was interested in finding open-source chess tools for analysis, study and preparation. Last time I checked, I wasn't too excited, but this time I am happy to find about SCID. SCID is an open-source chess database...

  • Miniatura di Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival

    Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival

    WGM Natalia_Pogonina 08 feb 2011, 07:13

    The 9th Gibraltar Chess Festival took place in a beautiful resort from January 24th to February 4th. The field was rather impressive, including such great players are Vassily Ivanchuk, Michael Adams and Fabiano...

  • Miniatura di Training program for beginners

    Training program for beginners

    repecmps 21 ott 2009, 11:58

    Chess training program for ratings < 1200 Disclaimer:These advice are taken from my personal (short) experience. They are written by a novice for the novice. I only release my ideas today to the public. Nobody...

  • Miniatura di London Chess Classic Takes Off Tomorrow

    London Chess Classic Takes Off Tomorrow

    PeterDoggers 08 dic 2016, 00:21

    It's the final leg of the Grand Chess Tour, and it's just around the corner: the London Chess Classic. Tomorrow the traditional super tournament in the British capital starts with eight players from the world's...

  • Miniatura di Dresden Olympiad - Round 1

    Dresden Olympiad - Round 1

    SonofPearl 13 nov 2008, 13:31

    The 38th Chess Olympiad has now started in earnest after yesterday's opening ceremony, which featured (in ascending order of weirdness) singing, drumming, ice skating, cheerleading and a Freddie Mercury impersonator! ...

  • Miniatura di Well, we're finally doing it :|

    Well, we're finally doing it :|

    erik 16 ott 2007, 22:01

    No, no, this has nothing to do with LIVE chess. Sorry. That is coming along nicely and I should have some news within a few days.What we are finally doing is getting a little money in the door to help pay for some...

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