ბრილიანტის წევრი

My name is Alex, I am a law grad/ Post grad. Did my law degree at Exeter University - met the AAA UCAS entry offer, (graduated 2015) then the LPC after that.

I have a couple of great comedy novels I wrote on the Amazon Bestseller list. I wrote Nathan Brown after leaving TLT solicitors in Bristol in 2019. Then Muggy Mike in 2020 after moving to Carlisle.

Im one of the best bullet chess players on earth (thousands and thousdands of wins v c +/-2000 bullets), i've beaten multiple masters that won national championships / and multiple international olympiad competitors.

I was first approaching a 700lb deadlift - the world record in my weight class many years ago, and was well over 600lbs again as a nat liifter just around ten months ago which was easily top of Bodytek Carlisle. I Hit the national qualifying total for the first time quite a few years ago during my law degree at Exeter.

I recently started playing Tennis again (competed at a national level and won club competitions as a child) I hit against a wall most days in Carlisle atm. I had only played across a few months in the last 15 years. Will be interesting to see what happens, I intend to play mens singles in some of Cumbria's club tournaments in the summer of 2023. 

I live on the Ground Floor of Johnson Mill Carlisle, CA2 5NQ.  See social media links below for all of this. I moved to Carlisle from Cirencester Gloucestershire in April 2020.

I have over 3000 puzzle battle c30-40 scores so im one of the most proficient people on earth at the pattern-recognition aspect of chess, and one of the most consistent puzzle-battlers on earth :-) I

Im possibly the only man in Carlisle UK that has never been caught lying at any time in the last 2.5 years.

I have nearly 50 years in education employment voluntary work e.t.c even though I was born in the 1990's.

13 Years at School

12 Years in Employment + 8 years as a director

3 Years Voluntary Work

11 Years in higher education.

I currently work as a legal adviser although have been on gardening leave for 3 weeks as of 27/01/23

3 Minute Puzzle battle/rush (2D scores only)

37x10 (37 and 4/5ths x1 ran out of time with one move pawn A8 for 38)






31x 370


29x 758 occasions

+ 28 x 980 times

Alexander Thomas Minton (

rearsight - Chess Games (

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