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The Best Chess App for iOS / iPhone / iPad

გადმოტვირთეთ ჩვენი უფასო აპლიკაცია თქვენს iOS მოწყობილობაზე დღეს. ჩვენი 5-ვარსკვლავიანი აპლიკაციით სარგებლობს მილიონობით მოჭადრაკე მთელს მსოფლიოში. თქვენ შეგიძლიათ თამაში და სწავლა სადაც არ უნდა იმყოფებოდეთ!

Game On!

CDScheno -ის მიერ

I've had this app for two months: love it. Rarely any issues; ALWAYS a game. Daily puzzles and tutorials. There are lessons for all levels jam-packed with insightful advice and strategies. I can't imagine how anyone could find fault with this app: it's as good as it gets.

Great on-the-go Chess

Kat01523 -ის მიერ

It's a great app for chess on the go. I like that you can keep playing the game while out of the house. It’s also fun to be able to chat and watch other people’s matches. Great app for beginners as well!

Best Chess App By Far

SpecterWolf -ის მიერ

Not only can you play chess, you can play it how you want to! Tons of themes you can choose from for your board and pieces. There are hundreds of lessons to help you improve in chess! I don't usually write reviews, but the developers of this app deserve one!


Ankit -ის მიერ

This is an amazing application for all level of chess players. The app lets you play with so many players all around the world. Great - Thumbs up!

New Player

jessewmartin -ის მიერ

I decided to take up chess this year and I am very happy with Chess.com… I can’t see any reason to try another app. This has everything I need to play, learn, and improve. Now I play every day.

Honestly best $7 I spent this month

123456789013382 -ის მიერ

Amazing chess app. I've been on the app for a little bit less than a year and I’ve already improved my Elo from 670 to 1004 using tactics and computer analysis.

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