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  • Intermediate: Openings

    평균 레이팅: 840
    This course is to serve as the continuation of the "Beginner: Openings" course. In it you will learn more about basic opening strategies and start to develop an understanding of what to do in the opening stage of the game.
  • Intermediate: Tactics

    평균 레이팅: 1200
    Learn about more advanced tactical tricks and patterns. Perfect for those who have completed the Beginner: Tactics course.
  • Intermediate: Strategy

    평균 레이팅: 1040
    This course is a break from the move-to-move tactics that we've been covering so far with the Beginner level courses. Now we're going to cover STRATEGY - the long-term structural considerations that reveal the depth and inner logic of chess! To clearly define strategy in chess: Strategy is any move that doesn't create the clear threat of a tactic or capture of an enemy piece. Strategy is every maneuver, minor improvement of a piece to a better square, and every long term plan developed in a game....
  • Intermediate: Checkmates

    평균 레이팅: 1200
    Learn about harder and more complicated checkmate patterns. Perfect for those who have completed the Beginner: Checkmate course.
  • Intermediate: Endgame

    평균 레이팅: 980
    This course covers the next level of "must know stuff" in the endgame. We move quickly from basic checkmates and fundamental concepts onto much more tricky and important endgame positions.

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