2011. 11. 7.
마지막 접속
15 분 전
타이틀 플레이어
FIDE 마스터
다이아몬드 회원
2012. 11. 1. 이후

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I trust in Lord Jesus Christ all the days of my life
Article about my chess journey from 1970 to 2418 rating in 3 months was published in ChessBase India.Check out my article published in ChessBase

My Goal is to become a GM soon and I am working hard to achieve my Goal

I play 1 hour full of training games and will analyse the mistakes in the game for 15$,Message me if interested.I use this money(that I get from playing training games)for playing chess tournaments 

I am looking for sponsors,Contact me if anyone is interested in sponsoring me 

I am available for playing in league's and GM tournaments,Contact me if interested

Feel free to message me if you need any help in chess,I will try my best to help you

I accept all friend requests so don't hesitate to send me a friend request 

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