Castling In Chess

Castling In Chess - It's Time You Learn It

Tucking your King to safety and activating the Rook, it’s one of the MOST important moves in chess you have to learn. And if you are just starting out, has a 15-Minute Video Introduction that will walk you through the basics of the Royal Game.

With our lessons and instructive videos for beginners, you will learn: (1) How each and every piece moves. (2) Special moves and their purpose. (3)  The goal of the game. (4) Basic strategies and openings, and those are just to name a few!

Once you gain solid grasp of the basics,’s numerous training and playing tools will help introduce you to more advanced stuff like tactics, opening theory, strategy, endgames, and more. Yes, is your one-stop website for playing, learning, and sharing everything about chess!

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