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Want to win more games? – the #1 place for sharing, playing, and learning chess, is the place to be! And why is that? Check this out:

GM Videos And Columns – Covering everything about the game, from opening to the endgame, this learning resource is like no other. With GM Shankland, IM Silman, IM Smith, and others in the crew, you will learn how to breathe life and energy to your chess army and win!

Chess Mentor And More Training Tools – We have the best chess training software in the planet – Chess Mentor! This tool, along with others, takes active learning to the next level by letting you play and predict the moves of the masters. With instructive commentary and analysis, every session will improve your play and understanding of the game.

And to be completely honest, that's just the tip of the iceberg! Come inside and see the myriads of ways that can help boost your game.

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