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Want To Start Your Own Chess Blog But Don’t Know How?

Don’t worry! By signing up for Chess.com, you can publish your own blogs and it’s as easy as pie to get started! We, at Chess.com, understand that each and every member has their own ideas and thoughts they want to spill out – may it be for chess improvement, about a game they just played, or even something random.

So what to do to get started?

Simple! Just hover your mouse on the Home button (right hand corner), click “Blog”, hit “Create A Blog Post”, and that’s it. Add as much content as you like – from chess diagrams, full chess games, texts, and even videos. If you know how to point, click, and type, you are good to go!

You're just a few clicks away from sharing your thoughts and ideas about chess! Who knows? This might start your bright chess blogging career. So what are you waiting for?

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