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Chess Knight

The Chess Knight Has To Be The Most Interesting Piece In Chess!

When moving, it moves 2 squares (horizontally) and a square vertically, or vice versa. The completed move looks a lot like the letter 'L'. And it’s the only piece that can jump over other chessmen! This odd movement of the Chess knight enables it to set up different winning tactics.

And if you are just starting out, Chess.com is here to hand-hold you to get your first game of chess started. Our 15-minute Video Introduction to chess will show you: (1) The goal of the game. (2) How each and every piece moves. (3) Special moves and everything else that you need to know to start your first chess game.

Once you know the basics like the back of your hand, the numerous training and playing features at Chess.com will keep the fun going – teaching you more advanced tactics and strategies as well as finding suitable opponents for you!

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