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Chess Notation

Can’t Understand Chess Notation? Chess.com Got You Covered!

With Chess.com’s learning tools for newcomers and total beginners, learning the basics of the Royal Game – including chess notation, the goal of the game, how the pieces move, special moves like castling and en passant, and those are just to name a few, is as easy as it could get!

If you learn better with videos, then Chess.com’s 15-Minutevideo will help you get your first game started in a moment’s notice. Our chess videos have been built from the ground up with total beginners and kids in mind. Even a 5-year old won't have trouble understanding the lessons and steps in the videos!

And what’s more, once you are ready to move to more advanced stuff like strategy, tactics, openings, etc., Chess.com has you covered with hundreds of instructive chess articles, video lectures, and Chess Mentor Courses done by masters!

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