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Chess Pawn

The Foot Soldier Of The Royal Game – The Chess Pawn!

If you’re just starting out, Chess.com’s Beginner’s Corner & 15-Minute Introductory Video will walk you through the very basics of the game – how the pieces move, special rules, and others including how the chess pawn is played.

Once you are ready, our GM videos and articles by the masters will teach you advanced chess pawn play that can only improve your game. World-class players like Capablanca, Smyslov, Steinitz, and others are famous for their masterful handling of the chess pawn. And soon, with our help, you will be, too!

And to give you all the practice you need for your chess pawn play and other aspects of your game, our Live & Online Chess Servers let’s you play unlimited rated and unrated games against Chess.com members anytime anywhere.

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