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Want To Know Your Chess Rating But Can’t Play In Tournaments?

No problem! Chess.com’s well-built rating system lets you assess your level of play and gives you real-time feedback - pinpointing your strengths & weaknesses, and allowing you to focus on aspects of your play that need the most attention:

Live & Online Chess: Play unlimited rated and unrated games, and play at your own pace with our Live & Online Chess Servers. Moreover, the famous Glicko Rating System is integrated into our servers, which accurately updates your Chess.com rating each time you finish a game regardless of the result.

Chess Mentor Training System: The best chess training program is in the house! Chess Mentor doesn’t only quiz you, it gives your performance a rating and real-time feedback after every session. Positional play, tactics, endgame play, opening knowledge – these are just some of the facets of your play that Chess Mentor keeps a close eye on.

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