Chess Ratings

Are You Wondering What Your Chess Ratings Are?

At, our training and playing features, beefed up with rating, statistics, and progress reports, will help you have a better picture of where you belong at the chess hierarchy.

Live And Online Chess Ratings: With rated play on Live and Online Chess, you can easily see how well you are doing when it comes to bullet, blitz, standard, or online correspondence chess.’s Tactics Trainer: With 30,000+ rated and timed tactics exercises of varying difficulty, our Tactics Trainer will rate your tactical expertise. For better learning, you can even set it to show you the full analysis and source of the exercises you didn’t get right.

Chess Mentor: The ultimate training tool! With courses on all parts of the game, you will get chess ratings and statistics on different aspects of your play like strategy, endgame, opening, etc.  With these tools, getting better at chess is easier than ever.

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