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Chess Terms

Learn Chess Terms And The Basics Of The Game At Chess.com!

With our Beginner’s Section & Videos, you will learn to play chess in no time flat! Chess.com will hand hold you through the very basics – how to move the pieces, the goal of the game, correct board set up, basic chess terms, etc., and in a relaxed and stress-free manner.

And if there’s a chess term or two that you can’t seem to understand, our very own chess wiki – Chessopedia, will give you answers. From unknown Grandmasters, relationship of math to chess, list of champions, etc., you'll find an article or two in our Chessopedia.

And this fun and valuable resource won't get obsolete. You see, millions of users upload articles, chess terms, and definitions to our Chessopedia day-in and day-out, and you can share your knowledge, too!

Simply put, Chess.com is not just a place for playing chess. It’s the place for playing, sharing, and learning chessand it’s the best there is.

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