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Looking For Durable And Cool Chess Timers?

Stop buying chess clocks that breakdown after your 5th bullet game! Here at Chess.com, you will find top-quality chess timers that showcase stunning looks… and can take a lot of punishment, too!

WCS Analog Chess Clock – This is perfect for players who’re starting out in competitive chess. Easy to use and enclosed with a great looking plastic case, all you need to do is wind up and adjust the hands, and you are good to go! No complex configurations to deal with.

DGT Easy Game Timer Plus – You are in good company if you grab this chess timer. Heck! World Champion Vladimir Kramnik gave this his seal of approval. And with its elegant design as well as sturdy build, it’s not surprising why.

And those are just some of the sturdy and great-looking chess timers you’ll find inside. Oh! Did I mention every chess clock you get from Chess.com comes with a sweet discount? Sign Up For Free And Shop Today!

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