Chess Traps

Chess Traps – Learn How To Use And Fight Against Them!

Whether you are playing for chess traps or want to avoid them,’s learning resources are here to help!

Our videos and articles done by GMs, IMs, and chess coaches are filled with nuggets of chess wisdom. Openings, tactical and strategic chess traps, middlegame themes, and everything else in between – you’re sure to find tons of videos and articles that are appropriate for you.

And if you want something interactive, our Chess Mentor Training System gives you high-quality and interactive training lessons where you get to ‘play against’ or ‘play like’ a GM. If you’ve ever dreamed about springing chess traps on World Champs, this is your chance!

Once you are confident of your skill in spotting and springing up chess traps of all sorts, it's time to test your expertise by logging in and playing in our Live & Online Chess Servers.

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